Continuous Production Electrochlorinators

Compact Chlorinator

Continuous Production Electrochlorinators are compact medium capacity systems which produce Sodium Hypochlorite continuously from salt water(brine) or sea water, by the process of Electrolysis. Sodium Hypochlorite is a strong disinfectant that kills all pathogens (bacteria, virus, algae etc.) that lead to water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, paratyphoid etc. There is no need to buy and stock Gas or Liquid Chlorine any more. Instead, you can generate your own chlorine with the Pristine Water range of electrochlorinators. Our system also leaves some residual Sodium Hypochlorite in water to prevent bacteria from getting picked up during storage or redistribution.

While the smaller capacity systems producing 10-50 grams/hr of chlorine are wall mounted; the larger capacity systems producing upto 250 grams/hr of chlorine are floor mounted. These systems are completely automatic and require minimal human intervetion.


  • Smaller – easier to install in confined spaces
  • Requires less manpower and human intervention.
  • Advanced and more efficient power supply.
  • Can take wide voltage and frequency fluctuations.
  • Microprocessor based controller.
  • Medium sized Hotels, Hospitals, and Educational institutions for Drinking water.
  • Disinfection in small Water parks, Cooling water circuits, Fire water storage tanks.


  • Small to Medium water treatment facilities disinfection of drinking water
  • Hospitals & Clinics for disinfection and sanitization of instruments
  • Schools, Educational institutions for Drinking water
  • Villages and rural areas.


Model No.
PCP 10
PCP 150
PCP 200
PCP 250
Active Chlorine
10 gms/hr 15 gms/hr 25 gms/hr 50 gms/hr  100 gms/hr  150 gms/hr  200 gms/hr  250 gms/hr 
Mounting Wall Wall Wall Floor Floor Floor Floor Floor
Water that can be treated with 1 ppm of chlorine
10,000 ltrs/hr 15,000 ltrs/hr 25,000 ltrs/hr 50,000 ltrs/hr 100,000 ltrs/hr 150,000 ltrs/hr 200,000 ltrs/hr 250,000 ltrs/hr
Water Consumption 1.35 ltrs/hr 2.02 ltrs/hr 3.37 ltrs/hr 6.75 ltrs/hr 13.5 ltrs/hr 20.25 ltrs/hr 27 ltrs/hr 33.75 ltrs/hr
Salt Consumed
50 gms/hr 50 gms/hr 120 gms/hr 200 gms/hr  400 gms/hr 600 gms/hr 800 gms/hr 1 kg/hr
Power Consumed
0.500 kwh 0.700kwh 0.900kwh 0.2 kwh  0.4 kwh  0.6 kwh  0.8 kwh  1 kwh 
AC current Input
230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz 230V, 50 Hz


  • Water is to be filled through the float valve up upto the marked level.
  • Put good clean salt as indicated in the system.
  • Mix the salt properly.
  • Switch on the power supply.
  • The brine metering pump will start and pump brine into the Electrolyzer.
  • The DC current applied across the anode and cathode of the cell will start the Electrolysis reaction in the diluted brine solution.
  • Now the cell converts the brine solution into Sodium Hypochlorite
  • The Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) will flow out through a tube into the NaOCl tank.
  • A Salt meter indicates the concentration of salt.
  • The NaOCl tank is provided with a level controller
  • Once the NaOCl reaches the upper limit the level controller will stop the Electro Chlorinator System.
  • A NaOCl metering pump is independent of the system.
  • As the level of NaOCl reduces due to the dosing, the level controller will restart the system
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