Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry depends largely on chlorine for their disinfection needs. Chlorine is used in meat and poultry processing units for disinfection. Also, during the manufacturing of soft drinks, jams & fruit juices bio-contaminants from the raw materials like fruits & vegetables are removed using sodium hypochlorite. Further, the purification and disinfection of the containers in which these products are packaged is made possible by using chlorine. Poultry units use electrochlorinators for disinfection of the premises and for purifying their water supply. Fisheries also use electrochlorinators for disinfection. Dairies use sodium hypochlorite for sterilizing their equipments and general sanitation. On-site sodium hypochlorination is the most suitable method for this kind of disinfection as it is low cost, prevents recontamination and is energy efficient as compared to other methods.

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