Pristine Water’s Versatile Disinfection Solutions for a Safer World


Revolutionizing Disinfection with HOCL and Electrolyzed Water: In the post-pandemic era, effective disinfection has become paramount. Pristine Water, a pioneer in electrochlorination, brings you the transformative power of HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) and Electrolyzed Water as versatile disinfection solutions. Discover the wonders of HOCL and its myriad applications as we explore how Pristine Water leads the charge in creating safer environments with cutting-edge electrochlorination technology.

A person wearing protective gloves and a mask, conducting disinfection using electrochlorination technology by Pristine Water.

Unleashing the Magic of HOCL

HOCL, also known as Hypochlorous Acid or Electrolyzed Water, possesses a rich history as a potent disinfectant since the discovery of Chlorine gas. Pristine Water harnesses this technology by infusing water with Chlorine gas (Cl2) to produce HOCL, a highly effective killer of bacteria and microorganisms. This versatile disinfectant goes by various names, such as Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water or Electro-activated Water, but its exceptional disinfection efficiency and advantages remain consistent.

The Natural Defender: HOCL & White Blood Cells

Nature itself provides inspiration for disinfection solutions. Did you know that our own White Blood Cells (WBCs) naturally produce HOCL to combat bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms? Neutrophils, a type of white blood cells, release HOCL to eliminate invading pathogens. With its electrically neutral molecule, HOCL easily penetrates the cell walls of pathogens, destroying vital components and effectively eradicating bacteria and pathogens such as H1N1 (flu), Polio virus, E. coli, HIV, Tuberculosis, Aureus, Legionella, and more.

White blood cells

Advantages of HOCL

Water Disinfection

Pristine Water’s electrochlorination expertise revolutionizes water treatment with HOCL. Derived from chlorine dissolved in water, HOCL effectively kills bacteria and other organisms by penetrating their cell walls or inhibiting reproduction. The residual chlorine present as OCl in water helps eliminate any re-entering bacteria, ensuring water safety.

Pristine Water's electrochlorination system transforming raw water into disinfected water.

Surface Disinfection

During an epidemic, pathogens can spread through contaminated surfaces. Pristine Water’s HOCL acts as a broad-spectrum, quick-acting, and surface-friendly disinfectant. By converting chlorine into Hypochlorous Solution, it rapidly kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces, leaving no residual traces. Choose Pristine Water’s electrochlorination solutions for effective surface disinfection.

A person using Pristine Water's electrochlorination system to perform surface disinfection, ensuring a clean and sanitized environment

Wound Disinfection

In wound healing, preventing infection is crucial. Pristine Water’s HOCL, a powerful bactericidal compound, effectively combats a broad range of microorganisms, including those found in biofilms. By promoting wound healing and preventing contamination, Pristine Water’s solutions optimize patient care and safety.

A person using Pristine Water's electrochlorination system to disinfect a wound, promoting cleanliness and preventing infection for optimal wound healing.

Decontamination of Fruits and Vegetables

Pristine Water, as an electrochlorination company, offers reliable solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry’s fruit and vegetable decontamination needs. HOCL is extensively used to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, ensuring a longer shelf life for produce. Washing vegetables with Hypochlorous Solution removes pathogens without leaving any residual smell or taste, meeting stringent safety standards.

Pristine Water's electrochlorination system being utilized to disinfect vegetables, ensuring their safety and cleanliness for consumption

Hospital Disinfection

Pristine Water’s electrochlorination technology plays a vital role in managing hospital-acquired infections (HAI). Highly effective against difficult-to-treat bacteria like MRSA and C. difficile, HOCL-based disinfection ensures a safer healthcare environment. From countertops and floors to instruments and regulated medical waste, Pristine Water’s solutions help safeguard patients, healthcare professionals, and the community.
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Alt text: Pristine Water's electrochlorination system being employed for hospital disinfection, maintaining a sterile and safe environment to prevent the spread of infections and promote patient well-being

Methods of Producing HOCL​

Pristine Water employs various methods to produce HOCL, including the hydrolysis of chlorine gas, electrolysis of salt solution, or acidification of hypochlorite. As an electrochlorination company, Pristine Water also offers user-friendly HOCL generators. These devices ensure a constant pH and maintain a higher concentration of Hypochlorous Ions, providing convenience, cost savings, and effective disinfection.


Pristine Water, an innovative electrochlorination company, harnesses the power of HOCL and Electrolyzed Water to deliver versatile disinfection solutions. From water treatment to surface disinfection, wound care to fruit and vegetable decontamination, and hospital hygiene, Pristine Water’s expertise ensures a safer world. Explore the world of HOCL, trust in Pristine Water’s sustainable disinfection solutions, and safeguard against infectious threats.

Stay tuned for more exciting applications of HOCL and Electrolyzed Water. Visit Pristine Water‘s website to know more.

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