Water Treatment through Electro Chemistry
Electro chlorination – Electro coagulation – Electro flocculation


Chlorination process diagram by Pristine Water, showcasing effective water disinfection.

Chlorination: The Most Effective Water Disinfection Method – by Pristine Water

Ensuring the safety of water is paramount to safeguarding public health from harmful pathogens and microorganisms. Water disinfection plays a crucial role in this process, and there are various methods available. One of the most common and effective methods is chlorination. As a leading electrochlorination system manufacturer and supplier, Pristine Water is dedicated to providing…
Pristine Water's Electrochlorination Solutions - Advancing Disinfection with HOCL and Electrolyzed Water. Explore versatile applications in water treatment, surface disinfection, wound care, fruit and vegetable decontamination, and hospital hygiene. Safeguard against infectious threats with sustainable disinfection practices.

The Power of HOCL and Electrolyzed Water: Pristine Water’s Versatile Disinfection Solutions for a Safer World

REVOLUTIONIZING DISINFECTION WITH HOCL & ELECTROLYZED WATER - PRISTINE WATER Pristine Water’s Versatile Disinfection Solutions for a Safer World Introduction Revolutionizing Disinfection with HOCL and Electrolyzed Water: In the post-pandemic era, effective disinfection has become paramount. Pristine Water, a pioneer in electrochlorination, brings you the transformative power of HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) and Electrolyzed Water as…
wastewater treatment

Facts about why wastewater treatment is necessary!

Wastewater treatment is a very important operation of any industry because it protects the health of various ecosystems.  A properly treated wastewater can be a reliable source for many purposes. Properly treated effluent can be reused leading to sustainability and nature preservation. Forestall water-borne Pollution: Wastewater treatment systems are specifically designed to prevent water-borne pollution.…
Electrolyzed water

Why this sudden interest in HOCl/ Electrolyzed water?

Is Hypochlorous Acid the newfound disinfectant? Why is everyone talking about HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) nowadays? And how is it different from Electrolyzed Water? Are these new discoveries?  Or has the need for an effective disinfectant during the Coronavirus pandemic led people to rediscover an age-old disinfectant? Actually, Hypochlorous Acid had been in use for decades,…
Employee working in office

Office Disinfection to fight Coronavirus

Is your workplace sanitized? The recent COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. With lockdowns gradually being lifted, we’re looking at a very different world. The way we live, travel, and work has been altered and we need to adapt to these changing standards. All we want is to stay healthy. Going to work and…
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